Remote Control Skins

Searching for a lost remote is tedious and stands in the way of you and your favorite television show. Not to mention the time spent in the family feud that inevitably follows over who was last to have it. The remote skins offered by Smart Home Services are here to make sure it’s never lost again.

Call  1-800-308-5537 or shop online at caotti.com

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Enjoy wireless, crystal-clear sound with our exclusive Bluetooth headphones. Connect your mobile devices, or even the Hopper receiver; then adjust the volume, skip, or reverse tracks with swipe technology! These headphones also have a built-in microphone so you can take calls on the go or use as a gaming headset!

$100 off of the Tailgater!!!

You can now get TV Outdoors and at an affordable price! For only $299 you will own Dish Networks portable satellite antenna, that finds the signal for you!! The Tailgater is so light weight and easy to use, that we have even had an 85 year old gentleman tell us that he loved it so much that even an old person like himself could figure it out!!! If you look at other websites you will find the Tailgater listed at $349 or even $399, but why wouldn't you want to save some money and purchase the Tailgater through C.A.O.T.T.I?? You wouldn't!!! Go to www.getyourtailgater.com and see a short video on just how easy it is, and you can even make your purchase through this website too!!